Best Pay-by-Phone Casinos in Canada 2024

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Ease of payment is crucial when playing at online casinos, which is why pay-by-phone bill casino Canada sites are great for players who want to fund their gambling easily. At pay-by-phone bill casino sites, players can use the payment method to make real money deposits from their monthly phone bill or phone credit to their online casino account. Mobile payment options like this are not only convenient but also fast and reliable. If you live in Canada and would like to know which Canadian online casinos you can make phone casino deposits at, then read on as we explore the subject.

How We Test Online Casinos with Pay-by-Phone Options in Canada

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The pay-with-phone casino sites we have mentioned are ranked based on vital factors, including but not limited to the following.

  • License. Licenses are important for businesses like online casinos to have because they indicate that businesses follow some important regulations governing the operation of an online casino. These will include regulations on gambling age, fair dealing, and transparency.
  • Security and Data Protection. It is always a wise move to ensure that the website you’re visiting is one in which your data will not be compromised and made available to questionable parties. This is even more important when it is an online casino site, where you will be giving personal details and some of your bank details. As such, we give precedence to better security and data protection features on a casino platform.
  • Payment Conditions. Especially with mobile billing casinos, you want to make sure that payment is safe and that the payment methods available are reliable. The more safe and reliable the payment options, the less likely there are to be complications in payment that may result in your funds being lost. It also helps when other mobile payment methods are available aside from the pay-by-phone bill method.
  • Technical Support. Another crucial thing for an online casino is a robust and responsive technical support service to help customers who have queries or need some issues resolved. The pay-by-phone casino sites on our rankings have some of the best technical support operations among Canadian mobile deposit casinos.
  • Bonus Conditions. Online casino bonuses make playing casino games a more rewarding and fun experience; hence players tend to favor casino platforms with the best mobile casino bonuses. Some of the platforms on our rankings offer great bonuses for players using mobile casino deposit methods.
  • Choice of Games. The best mobile phone payment casino platforms offer a wide selection of mobile casino games that players can choose from. This makes for a more fun and diverse gaming experience.
  • Responsible Gaming. Because online gambling can be very addictive, it is always great for a casino platform to take the issue of responsible gambling seriously. Sites that do will usually have solid responsible gambling services in place or refer players whose gambling is getting out of hand to the relevant responsible gambling bodies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay-by-Phone Methods

As with all other popular payment services, the mobile casino billing method has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will briefly overview.

  • The method is easy, fast, and reliable to use.
  • Since it involves your phone provider and the casino site, it is generally a safe method.
  • It does not require you to input any of your bank account details to deposit money.
  • There are usually daily transaction limits that tend to be very small.
  • Phone and SMS payments can not be used to withdraw money.
  • The transaction fees may be unreasonably high.

How to Make Casino Deposit with Your Phone

Using the phone bill method to deposit money into your casino account is a fairly easy process you can complete by following these steps.

  1. Find and register on any reliable pay-by-phone casino accessible to you.
  2. Locate the cashier section or page and select the “deposit option,” then pick “pay with phone” or any equivalent of that on the platform.
  3. Specify the amount of money you would like to deposit, then input your mobile phone number in the space provided.
  4. Once you authorize the transaction, you will be sent a confirmation SMS. Follow the instructions on that SMS to verify.
  5. Then, you will receive another text or notification saying the platform has accepted your payment. Depending on the nature of your phone service, the deposit will be deducted from your phone credit or monthly bill.

Limits, Speed, and Fees

The phone payment method is not one single method but a family of different ones. As such, the limits of one may not be the same as that of another. However, some common limits phone payments tend to have include monthly, weekly, or daily payment limits. And since these tend to be small, you can’t use the method to make single large deposits.

Where speed is concerned, the method is also very fast, as mobile payments tend to be, typically completing payments in under 30 seconds. However, with poor network coverage, it may take a bit longer to complete payments. As for fees, they tend to be very high, typically around 15% for the average online casino pay site.

How to Make Casino Withdrawal with Pay by Phone

Unfortunately, pay-by-phone is limited to being a deposit method, as it currently can’t be used to withdraw funds.

Safety of Pay-by-Phone Casino Payments

Pay-by-Phone payments are very safe due to a number of different measures that go into the general method. For one, most such methods adhere to standards like the PCI compliance standards, which have requirements aimed at helping organizations prevent payment breaches and the like.

Furthermore, the method tends to use SMS verification messages sent directly to the number you are using.

Online Casino Games You Can Play at Pay-by-Phone Bill Casino Canada

As we have seen, game variety is a very crucial aspect of playing on a casino platform. On a pay-by-phone online casino website, there are many different types of casino games you can play, ranging from more traditional game types to more recent types. However, you must note that there is a good bit of overlap between these various types.

  • Table Games. Table games are a class of online casino games that are typically played against the house and are operated by one or more croupiers. While these used to be played in physical casino establishments, the advent of mobile casino gambling has made it possible to play them virtually under varied house rules. Some of the more popular types of table games you may see on a pay-by-phone mobile casino platform include online blackjack, baccarat, craps, pool, and all the various types of poker.
  • Random Number Games. Random number casino games are games of chance that rely on turning up random numbers and usually involve winning through lucky numbers. The simplest form of these games is throwing dice, and some of such games actually involve dice. These include games like online craps, which also fall under ta$1ble games. However, online keno and bingo are the most popular random number casino games.
  • Gaming Machines. Gaming machine games are a class of online casino games that involve playing on some specialized machine. These include games like slots, pachinko, and video lottery terminal. These machines typically spin numbers or images, such as is the case for slots. However, online versions like mobile slots tend to use random number generators.

Alternatives to Pay by Phone Payments

There are many alternatives to the pay-by-phone method, and each stack up next to it in various ways. Here are some of these alternatives and how they compare to the mobile casino payment option.

Deposit methodFeesProcessing TimesDeposit LimitsWithdrawal Limits
NetellerNoneInstantC$10 and upUsually C$5,000
SkrillNoneInstantC$10 and upUsually C$5,000
PayPalNoneInstantC$10 +Casino dependent
Visa/MastercardNoneInstantC$10 and upUsually C$5,000

Online Casino Pay by Phone – Tips

Playing on mobile casino sites is very fun if you know what to do. Here are a few tips for playing on a pay-by-phone casino platform.

  1. Look for any bonuses that may be attached to using mobile casino pay. Some platforms have mobile phone payment bonuses, especially for new players.
  2. Choose the pay-by-phone bill methods that are the most reliable and safe.
  3. Pay attention to the minimum deposit and use the option that best suits your needs. If paying from phone credit or your monthly bill will not work, then you might want to try another banking method, such as a credit or debit card payment method.


There are not very many pay-by-phone bill casino Canada sites, though there are many that allow players to pay through other methods compatible with mobile devices. However, we hope that this article will prove helpful in helping you locate the nearest pay-by-phone casinos. We also hope that with the tips we have offered here, you will be able to use the method seamlessly and effectively.

David Clark


Can you gamble with phone bill?

Pay-by-phone casinos allow you to gamble from your phone bill.

Is it safe to pay to casinos by phone?

The Pay-by-phone bill payment method is a safe way to pay for online gambling due to the data security features and the fact that it does not require any financial information.

Can you deposit on slots with phone bill?

Online slots is one of the casino games you can play by paying from your phone bill.

What can you use your phone bill to pay for?

You can use your phone bill to pay for almost any game if the platform allows it.